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Enjoy the traditional delicacies of the Lazio Region and the Capital

Backed by his experience as a restaurateur, Stefano, along with Kira, will take you on a discovery of the best restaurants in Rome, for a vacation full of flavors and delicacies. From the classic trattorias to hidden taverns, from starred restaurants to street food venues, here are some of the best places to enjoy the genuine flavors of Roman and Italian cuisine.


Trattoria Pennestri

Located in the center of the Ostiense district, the Trattoria Pennestri offers a cuisine that balances tradition with innovation, and welcomes you in an informal and cheerful environment. The cuisine is characterized by fresh, quality ingredients, with particular attention to traditional Roman dishes and pairings with local and national wines from the trattoria’s extensive menu.


Located in the heart of Rome, DOGMA is a seafood restaurant with grill, founded by Gabriele Di Lecce and Alessandra Serramondi, a couple both in life and work. Coming from their experience at the Michelin-starred Il Tino, they have created a youthful and friendly atmosphere in San Giovanni, where their passion for the sea is reflected in dishes where grilling enhances carefully selected ingredients. The menu reflects their roots, offering fresh fish, vegetables from the family garden, homemade bread, and quality coffee. The wine list is a curated selection of small producer vineyards. A perfect mix for a place designed for fun and relaxation.

Checco er Carettiere

In the heart of Trastevere, near Piazza Trilussa, stands Checco er Carettiere, a restaurant that has been keeping the traditions of Roman cuisine alive for three generations. Founded in 1935, it stands out for its use of zero-kilometer products and the authentic flavors of a Rome that seems to fade. Checco’s granddaughters continue to run the restaurant with love and dedication, offering typical dishes in a familial setting. The cuisine, described as “simple” yet rich in flavors, relies on genuine ingredients and quality raw materials. The internal garden offers a peaceful oasis to enjoy meals outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara

A traditional establishment in Campo de’ Fiori, this restaurant is known throughout Rome for its traditional salads and appetizers, such as bread, butter and anchovies or the puntarelle (a variety of chicory), but above all for the fabulous fillet of cod, cooked to perfection to be eaten even on the street as one of the original street foods. In this restaurant you will enjoy an informal and lively environment, where you can spend a cheerful evening of tasty cuisine.

Fariné la Pizza

Located in the San Lorenzo district, this place offers the best Roman pizza made with agricultural flours, sourdough and fermented fruit dough. Welcoming you in a homey environment, Carlo and his companion pay special attention to the raw material in a philosophical way that is quite an obsession in order to guarantee you a Roman pizza experience at the highest levels. Digestible and light, Fariné’s pizza is an absolute must-try!

Il Gabriello

Located just a short distance from the Spanish Steps, this restaurant with a thirty-year history is known for its cuisine that ranges from traditional to modern and for its friendly, sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. Surrounded by the works of BZarro, you will find a menu that includes a variety of choices of seafood and meat dishes, typical dishes from Roman cuisine, and an amatriciana (a traditional Italian pasta sauce based on cheek lard, pecorino cheese, and tomato sauce) which, according to Claudio, a native of Amatrice who has always managed it, is truly worth trying!

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