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Itineraries that will make your vacation in the Capital unique

We are convinced that visiting Rome on foot is the best way to appreciate the beauty of the city and its rich history, which is why we recommend four itineraries starting out from the hotel, created to make your visit as pleasant as possible, with special attention to history, art and culture.

Staying at Hotel Oceania means no need for buses or the subway: everything is within walking distance!


Classical Rome itinerary

The “Classical Rome” itinerary allows you to discover some of the city’s most iconic attractions.
It begins with a walk to the nearby Quirinale, the ancient residence of the Popes and today the seat of the President of the Italian Republic. The next stop is the Trevi Fountain, one of the symbols of Rome, and we advise you to toss a coin into it to make sure you return to the Eternal City. From there you continue on towards Piazza di Spagna, famous for the Barcaccia Fountain, for its exclusive shopping and for the stairway leading up to Trinità dei Monti, from where you can admire a panoramic and most enchanting view. The itinerary then goes on with a visit to the Pantheon, one of the oldest and best-preserved monuments in the city, and finally you arrive at Piazza Navona, famous for its three Baroque fountains and its works of art.

The “Roma Capoccia” itinerary

The “Roma Capoccia” itinerary takes you wandering through the sacred and profane soul of the city, amidst the old and the new that coexist in perfect harmony. It begins with a stroll through Campo de’ Fiori, known and loved for its teeming daily market. It then continues on towards the Jewish Ghetto, one of the historic districts of Rome, famous for its architecture, synagogues and the history that permeates it. The next stage takes you to the Tiber Island, a small island in the Tiber River with a picturesque atmosphere and a spectacular scenic view of the bridges and buildings that surround it. The visit continues on to Trastevere, an authentic and charming district, known for its nightlife and characteristic pubs and clubs, where you can take part in the city’s lively nightlife. The visit continues to Trastevere, authentic and picturesque district that is famous for its night-life and its characteristic pubs and bars where you can enjoy the city’s lively movida.

Ancient Rome itinerary

Start your itinerary along Via Nazionale, one of Rome’s main business streets, and continue your walk towards Trajan’s Market, an ancient complex of buildings built by the emperor Trajan. Your next stop is Piazza Venezia, one of the most famous squares in Rome, where you can admire the statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, and then continue on towards the Capitol,the hill where some of the most important historical buildings of Rome are located, including the Palazzo Senatorio and the Vatican Apostolic Library. Your final stop is the Colosseum, which you get to by crossing the magnificent Via dei Fori Imperiali, where you can admire the most important symbols of ancient Rome.
Once you get to the Colosseum, if you want to make this itinerary even more complete, you can continue on for a bit towards the Circus Maximus, one of the largest Roman stadiums of the ancient world.

Roma Ciumachella itinerary

The “Roma Ciumachella” itinerary starts out with a walk towards Via delle 4 Fontane to visit the Church of San Carlo alle 4 Fontane, the most important Baroque church. Go past Palazzo Barberini walking towards Piazza Barberini, known for Bernini’s beautiful Triton Fountain. You then continue on towards the Sistina Theater, one of the most famous theaters in the world for its history and for having been the home of Rugantino (a famous musical comedy) and of Italian musical comedy. The next stops are Piazza di Spagna and Trinità dei Monti, with the famous scenic stairway that ends at the Barcaccia Fountain. Then continue on towards Piazza del Popolo with its covered walkways, the Trident (a complex of streets setting off from the square), the two twin churches and numerous shops all around the square.

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