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Roman Vacation

Discover the authentic Rome with us, the Rome of the people who live there!

We want you to discover the real Rome through the eyes of those who live here and to experience it every day, like us. Here are some suggestions for some of the lesser-known places, which are rich in history and charm that will fill your vacation with wonder, curiosity and beauty.


Janiculum and Botanical Garden

The Janiculum is a hill that is famous for its panoramic views and for its historical monuments, including the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Splendid by day and romantic by night, it is a place very much loved by the Romans. A short distance away you will find the Botanical Garden, one of the oldest in the world with plants, historic greenhouses and thematic gardens. These are ideal places to stroll around in and enjoy the peace and quiet and the fresh air, surrounded by history and beauty.

Orange Garden and keyhole

The Orange Garden, located on the Aventine Hill, is an enchanting place of peace and quiet that provides an extraordinary panoramic view of the city and the Circus Maximus, full of orange and jasmine trees and ancient fountains. The keyhole, in the door of a nearby building, is one of the most original and most photographed places in the city, because it offers a unique view of St. Peter’s Dome, seen through a tiny hole – a keyhole..


The Pasquinades are humorous, satirical posters put up around the city center, in which public figures are targeted by criticizing them in an amusing or humorous way. This tradition was very popular in the past and even today some people continue to create and post Pasquinades on the streets of Rome, keeping the tradition alive. Ask us for advice, we will tell you where to find some.


Trajan markets

Trajan’s Market is an ancient building complex built by Trajan as a covered marketplace, with stores and trading stalls. Over the centuries it has been used for various purposes, for example as a papal palace, a warehouse and prison. Today it is open to the public as an archaeological site and museum, where you can admire what remains of the historic and majestic Roman building. Let Stefano tell you how he and his fellow schoolfriends used Trajan’s Market as they left elementary school.

Villa Borghese and its water clock

Villa Borghese is a large park and garden that is home to a number of attractions, including an ancient 17th-century clock that uses water pressure to make its hands move. Once the summer residence of the Borghese family, it is now one of the city’s most popular places to stroll, have fun and relax. Don’t forget to take a look at the Borghese Gallery, it is an absolute must-see.


Antica Spezieria S. Maria della Scala

The Antica Spezieria Santa Maria della Scala is one of the oldest drugstores in the city of Rome, and its history and vast collection of botanical herbs and spices make it a truly interesting place to visit. The drugstore is also famous for its medicinal preparations, such as the famous Santa Maria della Scala water, used as a remedy for many diseases.

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