September offer in Rome

The Pleasure of Visiting the Eternal City at Summer's End

Are you among those already searching for a place to stay in Rome this September? It’s no secret that this month is a favorite among travelers: the weather is still warm yet milder, and the crowds are not yet overwhelming, making it an ideal time to explore the city’s many attractions.

If you’re wondering how to choose among the various September hotel offers in Rome, opt for the flavor of authenticity.

Here at Hotel Oceania, we welcome you as a friend, a guest visiting the city.

Choose the true essence of Rome, evoked by the iconic figures of Ettore Petrolini and Aldo Fabrizi.

Our location is ideal, situated between Via del Quirinale and the Opera Theater, close to Rome’s major attractions and with the warm hospitality of Stefano and Kira, our hosts, you’ll always receive advice on how to make your experience unique.

SPECIAL September

In the heart of the traditional Roman soul

Bed & Breakfast

starting from 239 € per day per room

What makes us the ideal choice for your Roman holiday

He who starts well...

In the indoor dining room or on the terrace, from 7.30 a.m. until 10 a.m., breakfast served at the table is one of our guests’ favourite appointments.

At a walking distance

The beauty of choosing a historic building in the centre of Rome, like the one we are in, is also this: being able to walk to many points of interest, from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, from the Roman Forum to the Pantheon.

Not to miss a minute

Don’t worry about your luggage: if you have arrived early (and your room is not ready) or you are departing, leave it with us and enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

Roman advice... by Romans!

If you like, we are available not only to tell you stories and curiosities, but above all for advice on itineraries, places to visit and restaurants to try 🙂

Relaxation and leisure

Relax while sipping a drink on the terrace or unwind in the living area while browsing through the contributions of the small library. If you are passionate about art and culture, in Kira and Stefano you will find excellent interlocutors!

Farewell to Summer

Prepare to experience special “September Impressions“. Just like the famous 1972 song by Premiata Forneria Marconi, Rome in September offers a gentle and melodic transition from the summer’s energy to the calm of autumn.

The city transforms, revealing its less-known, more intimate nuances.

Let yourself be enchanted by the change of season in one of the world’s most famous and beloved cities. Discover Rome in September, when the monuments shimmer under a new, softer, and more enveloping light, just like the notes of a song announcing autumn.


We start with a walk to the nearby Quirinale, the former residence of the Popes and now home to the President of the Italian Republic. The next stop is the Trevi Fountain, one of the symbols of Rome, where we suggest you flip a coin to ensure your return to the Eternal City. From here we continue to Piazza di Spagna, famous for the Fontana della Barcaccia, exclusive shopping and the steps leading up to Trinità dei Monti, where you can enjoy a panoramic and enchanting view. The itinerary then continues with a visit to the Pantheon, one of the oldest and best-preserved monuments in the city, and finally to Piazza Navona, famous for its three Baroque fountains and works of art.

A tour through the sacred and profane soul of the city, between the old and the new that coexist perfectly. We begin with a stroll through Campo de’ Fiori and its bustling daily market. We then continue to the Jewish Ghetto, one of Rome’s historic quarters, famous for its architecture, synagogues and the history that permeates it. The next stop takes us to Isola Tiberina, a small island in the Tiber River with a charming atmosphere and a wonderful view of the bridges and palaces that surround it. The tour continues to Trastevere, an authentic and picturesque district, known for its nightlife and characteristic bars, where you can take part in the city’s lively movida.

Follow Via Nazionale to the Mercati Traianei, an ancient complex of buildings constructed by Emperor Trajan. Your next stop is Piazza Venezia, one of Rome’s most famous squares, where you will find the statue of Victor Emmanuel II, and then continue to the Campidoglio, the hill where some of Rome’s most important historical buildings are located, including the Palazzo Senatorio and the Vatican Library. Your final stop is the Colosseum, reached by crossing the picturesque Via dei Fori Imperiali, where you can admire the most important symbols of ancient Rome.

Once here, to make this itinerary even more complete, you can continue to the Circus Maximus, one of the largest Roman stadiums in the ancient world.

The ‘Roma Ciumachella’ (snail) itinerary starts with a walk to Via delle 4 Fontane to visit Chiesa di San Carlo, the most important Baroque church. Walk past Palazzo Barberini towards Piazza Barberini, known for Bernini’s beautiful Triton Fountain. Then continue to the Sistina Theatre, one of the most famous theatres in the world for its history and for being the site of Rugantino and Italian musical comedy. The next stops are Piazza di Spagna and Trinità dei Monti, with its famous panoramic staircase ending with the Fontana della Barcaccia. We then continue to Piazza del Popolo with its arcades, the Trident, the twin churches and many shops all around.

Stages of taste

Located in the centre of the Ostiense district, Trattoria Pennestri offers cuisine that balances tradition and innovation, and welcomes you in an informal and jovial environment. The cuisine is characterised by fresh, quality ingredients, with a focus on traditional Roman dishes and pairings with local and national wines from their extensive list.

The fish restaurant with grill in the centre of Rome, founded by Gabriele Di Lecce and Alessandra Serramondi, offers a unique dining experience. After working at the renowned starred restaurant Il Tino, the couple created a young and cosy environment in San Giovanni. With a focus on fresh fish and the use of charcoal to enhance the flavour, the menu reflects their roots, with carefully selected ingredients from the family garden and wines from small producers. The restaurant offers an ideal atmosphere for fun and relaxation.

Located in the heart of Trastevere, Checco er Carettiere restaurant, founded in 1935 and run by Checco’s granddaughters, celebrates Roman culinary traditions with local and genuine ingredients. It offers typical dishes in a family environment, with a ‘poor’ cuisine but rich in authentic flavours. The internal garden offers tranquillity for enjoying meals outdoors.

An institution in Campo de’ Fiori, this restaurant is known throughout Rome for its traditional salads and appetisers, such as bread, butter and anchovies or puntarelle, but above all for its fabulous cod fillet, cooked to perfection to be eaten on the street as the archetype of street food. Here you will find an informal and lively ambience, where you can spend a cheerful evening in the name of taste.

Located in the San Lorenzo district, this restaurant offers the best Roman pizza made with farmhouse flours, sourdough and fermented fruit dough. Welcoming you into a simple ambience, Carlo and his partner take meticulous and philosophical care of the raw material to guarantee you the ultimate Roman pizza experience. Digestible and light, Fariné’s pizza is a must try!

Located a few steps from the Spanish Steps, this restaurant with a 30-year history is known for its cuisine that ranges from traditional to modern and for its cosy, refined and relaxed atmosphere. Surrounded by the works of Zarro, you will find a menu that includes several seafood and land choices, typical Roman dishes, and an amatriciana that, according to Claudio, an Amatrician who has been running it all his life, is really something to try!

Curious to explore other paths, restaurants, or looking for different advice? The best thing to do is to ask Stefano and Kira directly!

For your September stay in Rome, immerse yourself in authenticity and choose us as your starting point to explore the historic center. We are located between the Quirinale and the Opera Theater, a short distance from the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

We offer a unique experience in the heart of the city, ideal for fully experiencing the Roman atmosphere of yesteryear, inspired by figures like Ettore Petrolini and Aldo Fabrizi.

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